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At CLG, we provide independent expert advisory

and execution services to public and private sector institutions and high net worth individuals.

Financial Advisory Firm

that provides exceptional, objective advice and customized portfolio solutions to a select group of clients.

Our core strength revolves around a selective

highly focused, and bespoke investment advisory practice.

CLG will work to address our clients’ important concerns and aspirations

from coordinating investment strategy and managing risk in multiple portfolios and entities worldwide

CLG offers customized, innovative and proven financial advisory solutions

to our institutional and high net-worth clients



We provide cutting edge professional services with particular focus on the security of our clients' wealth through the timely dissemination of information to guide them on investment decision making and proficient execution of mandates. This, we have been able to sustain over the years.
Our core strength revolves around a selective, highly focused and bespoke investment advisory practice. Our investment team is intimately involved in every step of the investment process from client acquisition to portfolio construction and relationship management; this, we believe epitomizes our nimbleness.
As Dealing Member Specialist (DMS) of the Financial Market Dealers Quotation Plc (FMDQ), we assist clients looking for opportunity to diversify investment portfolio with asset classes that enhances their investment income.

About Us

CLG Securities Limited has been established by the founder of Calag Capital Limited, a firm which has established a solid reputation in financial advisory and structured finance business. Drawing on the significant successes in the aforementioned areas, it became imperative to extend our scope to provide qualitative and efficient service in the wealth advisory arena and insurance placement services.

CLG Securities Limited is a financial and wealth advisory firm that provides exceptional, objective advice and customized portfolio solutions to a select group of clients. Our aim is to add substantial value to our client’s portfolio and ensure the Continue reading....